Thursday, March 27, 2014

PBS Kids Games Galore

PBS Kids All Game Topics
People are always looking for ways to supplement academics with fun computer games and apps.  A great resource for educational games is  It's a great website to use during independent computer time or with the whole class on a SMART Board (or Tap It).  I previously mentioned The Electric Company's Website for speech therapy games.  As a result of my search of speech therapy games, I've stumbled upon even more games.  The site itself is arranged by show, but if you search a little further you can actually have the games sorted by academic category.  Being the speech language pathologist that I am, I am particularly interested in any that work on language, vocabulary, phonetics/phonemic awareness, and literacy.  There are so many more categories though.

Here are a few PBS Kids Games that work on language skills:

Skits Cooks - following directions, verbs
Martha Speaks - Catch - 2 choice receptive vocabulary
Super Why Bingo - opposites - vocabulary
Calliou the Cook - food vocabulary
Between the Lions Alphabet Soup - jokes/riddles - missing word
Martha Speaks Scrapbook - verbs -receptive

There are so many games to see.  This is a great resource!
PBS Kids Vocabulary Games