Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Pinterest SMART Board Activity

I have to give total credit to Ms. Lane's SLP Materials Blog for creating this activity.  Being the techno-nerd that I am, I recreated it to work on the SMART Board.  First off, I can't emphasize enough how great social media is for finding activities.  I came across Ms. Lane's activity on Pinterest.  Yes, I'm a guy and I'm on Pinterest.  And no, I'm not on there sharing my favorite hairstyles or wedding dresses.  I guess there are two parts to my blog post.  First, get on Twitter and Pinterest and start following people that are super creative.  The second part is to share this fairly simple activity from Ms. Lane, but with The Speech Knob cranked up to eleven.

Basically, the idea is to follow positional directions and manipulate the various characters onto the "haunted house".  When you touch the magic window, a direction appears.  Keep hitting the magic window for more directions and manipulate the characters to decorate the house to make it haunted.

Here's my SMART Board version:

You can download a two-week trial version of SMART Notebook or you can use their free web-based version called SMART Notebook Express.  Download my file and then open it using either version.  As I write this post, I just saw that SMART Notebook now has an app for the iPad!  Yes!!!  Think of other activities that you could do like this.  Ms. Lane has some other ones for other holidays.  Check out her blog for more ideas!