Interactive White Boards (IWBs) and SMART Boards

If you haven't been in a classroom lately, you'd be surprised to see what types of technology are being used in schools across America today. Interactive White Boards (IWBs) are changing the way that students learn in the classroom through interaction.

International Society for Teaching in Education NETS

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has created a set of standards for both students and teachers in regards to using technology in the classroom.
Using SMART Boards in the classroom allows teachers to do the following:

1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
2. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments
3. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning

How to Use SMART Boards in a Special Education Classroom

The idea of using SMART Boards is to increase student interaction, attention, and engagement. This includes both regular education and special education classrooms. Interactive whiteboard technology is becoming more accessible and functional now more than ever for students with special needs. As a speech pathologist, one can see that communication and interaction with others is always at the forefront of a special needs classroom. Interactive whiteboards give these students access to opportunities that are normally seen in traditional classrooms. While in the middle of a technology boom, classrooms are finding more ways for students to become more interactive and engaged in the learning process. Special needs classrooms are no exception. Beauchamp and Parkinson (2005) explained that researchers are beginning to take the knowledge that is known about interactive whiteboards a step further. The research showed what people were already verbalizing about whiteboards in that they increased student motivation, participation and collaboration, and understanding of more complex concepts. Furthermore, whiteboards increased the capacity for different learning styles, allowed students to generate more creative presentations, and increased usage among younger students.

SMART Board Activities Websites and Resources

One of the greatest resources for SMART Board activities remains the internet. Teachers from across the world freely share their activities and websites for others to use in the classroom. The following is a list of websites that provide activities:
Questions about how to do anything on the SMART Board? Head here to see tutorials straight from the horse's mouth. You can pretty much see how to do anything here. Check it out!
This is a great resource for educators! You can borrow and share SMART Board activities. You can do a general search or you can search by subject, grade level, or file type. Some of the subject areas include: art & design, language arts, citizenship, mathematics, science, heath and physical education, special education, social studies, foreign languages, ESL, history, music, and much more!
The Center School District has compiled and categorized templates by grade level (K-2, 3-5, Middle School High School, and Special Education).
This school district compiled a ton of resources and lessons and sorted them into a searchable engine by subject (English, math, science, and social studies).  I'd be willing to bet that if you click on one, you'll find dozens more!
Although you can't search directly on the page, the lessons are sorted by grade level.  Here's a trick: hit CTRL F and the type in your term to do a search on any webpage.  It will work on Longwood's page too.  For instance, if you are looking for lessons on "money", type it in after hitting CTRL F.  Great resource!
Cybraryman is a resource for resources sorted by subject matter--Communication Arts, Fine Arts, Math, Music, Physical Education and Health, Science, and Social Studies.
Harvey Almarode is a keynote speaker and educator who travels the country to teach educators about the SMART Board. He has tons of useful activities and links to use. This is a must see for new users!
This website provides hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles, and more for kids and everyone else to use online. And, as always, the best part--they're FREE!

Opening Activities

Starfall (and More Starfall) is a great website for basic, fun activities. This is a great 'beginner to SMART boards' site. Even though I put the site under Opening Activities, it could also fall under Reading and Math. The site includes activities for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, home school, and English language development.

Counting Activities

Although this is filed under Counting Activities, Family Learning is a great resource for many different educational subjects. This website was developed in the United Kingdom, but is very relevant to Americans. Most of the games are fun (and educational) ranging from phonics, food groups, safety games, shapes, cooking videos, and holiday games.

Reading Activities

Scholastic has raised the bar on commercial companies that provide whiteboard activities. They have dedicated a webpage to four areas that incorporate many of the books and characters that Scholastic produces. Users can interact with many activities in Language Arts (phonics, phonemic awareness, interactive storybooks, writing prompts, character maps, poetry, paragraph writing, and more!), Social Studies (community jobs, immigration, holidays, Black History Month, current events, American history, and more!), Science & Math (dinosaurs, math word problems, insects, weather, scientific method, and more!), and Learning Games & Teaching Tools (interactive storybooks, Spanish vocabulary, myths brainstorming, and more!).
Again, Starfall has given access to some pretty cool activities. This will take you to its interactive book page. You can have the students click through the books which include several genres: plays, fiction and nonfiction, comics, folk tales, Greek myths, and Chinese fables.

Cooking Activities

"Your Special Chef" is a collection of resources to help teach cooking skills to individuals with special needs. Click around the site to find cue-card recipes, lesson plans for life skills teachers, video tips, and more! Check back soon for a personalized recipe creator. This is a really, really neat site for working on cooking skills!

Sample Lessons

Vocabulary Game - Keyword Search (with Spongebob Squarepants)

Vocabulary/Graphic Organizer (middle school/high school)

Macbeth Jeopardy. The original template was downloaded for free from SMART Exchange.

Edmark Functional Word Series Sample. I've taken a couple of Edmark worksheets and turned them into SMART Board activities.

Vocabulary Memory (match the word to the definition). This also has a bonus Family Guy component.

Family Guy Keyword Match (match word to definition)

Vocabulary Game using images/definitions of words (I used Google images and then put text over the pics in Photoshop--easy if you're crafty) In Notebook Software, search "image select" for the template.