Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Complimenting Others with One-Button Switches

Little Step-by-Step Communicator
by Able Net, Inc.
I've been working on using one-button switches with a young lady over the past four months to increase opportunities for communication in her home environment.  Sometimes it is challenging to create opportunities to communicate for individuals with severe needs.  I've been reading up a lot lately on ways to incorporate one-button switches into everyday activities.  I came across 101+ Ideas for Using a BigMack or Other Single Message Communication Devices and then decided to try some out.  I've actually been using a Little Step by Step Communicator and a Sequencer.  Both let you record multiple messages.  You can also try the Big Step by Step GamePlay, which randomizes the messages.
Sequencer by Enable Mart

Let me tell you that I had quite a few comments from teachers when I used the same method with a young man who I work with at school.  He actually only has a Clip Talk, so his messages are limited to two.  But don't let that sway you because 1-2 messages can go a far way.  This week I recorded, "You look great!  You must be working out!"  The people were enjoying his charm to say the least.  I found many websites with lists of compliments.  I used People Are Nice's Compliment List, which had over 200 to choose from.

Keep the button out.  Be creative.  Create opportunities to communicate.  Provide lots of repetition.  Have fun!

Remember these 3 things when using a one-button switch:

Clip Talk
by Enabling Devices
  • Record the voice in the gender of the person communicating when possible.
  • When prompting, prompt the communicative act rather than saying, "Push the button."  Tell me more.  Say "go" when you're ready.  Ask me another question.  What else would you like to say?
  • Use a picture with the button.  Pairing a picture gives symbolic meaning to the message.
Do you have any other ideas for using a one-button switch that you've found effective?  Please share your ideas!