Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Favorites of Sean Sweeney's Favorite Social Skills Apps

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It's not often you find two male speech language pathologists in one place.  The rare sighting happened at a conference I attended last week sponsored by Michigan Region IV Assistive Technology Consortium.  A fellow male speech language pathologist, Sean Sweeney, demonstrated a variety of assistive technology to help students who struggle with social skills and executive functioning.  If you get a chance to see Sean speak, definitely take advantage of your opportunity.  He's a walking technology Wikipedia Web 2.0 tool.  That's a compliment. Whenever I present, I call myself a middle management nerd who shares knowledge that others have created and found.  Sometimes I refer to people as Super Nerds and Sean Sweeney is one of them.  Again, that's a compliment.  He covered about a million great resources, but I thought I'd highlight the ones that I thought were pretty, pretty, pretty good. You can find all of Sean's documented knowledge at his website:

Here are 5 of my favorites from Sean's presentation:

    Fun Timer by all4mychild
  • Fun Timer--This app is very similar in concept as the Time Timer app.  It's a visual timer with a kick.  Instead of seeing a solid red analog clock, users see a picture of what lies ahead.  As the time goes on, the picture appears (e.g. when the playground picture appears, it's time to go).

  • My DPS--My Digital Problem Solving app comes from The Social Express product line.  This app allows users to view and identify various emotions and it gives users the opportunity to choose coping strategies.  As an added bonus, users can add their own photos for each emotion.

  • Between the Lines by Hamaguchi
    Between the Lines--Hamaguchi Apps developed three apps (elementary-adolescents and teens-young adults)  teaches emotions by having users match the voice with the message heard; body language, perspective, and inferencing; slang expressions & idioms.

    Social Quest  by Smarty Ears
  • Social Quest--Now this is an app!  This app teaches social language skills by traveling through realistic and functional situations (home, school, & community) using a tele-transporter machine.  As the user progress, he or she earns visual rewards for identifying correct responses.

    Big Nate: Comix by U By Night & Day Studios, Inc.
  • Big Nate Comix--I'm on a big social stories and video modeling kick lately.  I've been using Puppet Pals mostly and have used Toontastic too. Both are really good and you should check them out as well.  Big Nate Comix, however, lets users create their own comic strips using characters from the original comic. Users can create the stories using pre-made story starters, fill in the blanks with thought bubbles, and from scratch by creating an original comic.

The cool thing about all of these apps is that Sean has already reviewed them all on his blog Speech Techie.  If you're new to Twitter and you're trying to figure out who to follow, Sean is the kind of guy you should be following because he posts this kind of stuff daily.  You can follow him @SpeechTechie.  While you're at it, you can follow me @TheSpeechKnob and I'll continue to share interesting information.