Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monsters University Create-a-Monster PECS Activity

If you're a PECS user like me, then you're always looking for fun ways to incorporate PECS into everyday (fun) activities.  My wife and kids just showed me (they're a great resource) how to create your own Monsters University monster on the computer.  After they created their own monsters, we printed off ID cards so that they could take them to the theater.  The idea is pretty simple.  Print off PECS cards and use them to make requests while creating the monster on the computer or the SMART Board.
Create your own PECS book using SMART Notebook and/or Boardmaker

If you follow the PECS principles, then you'd use the pictures to make requests.  For instance, you might have an adult at the computer/SMART Board as your communication partner.  The student would have to select a picture (strip) and take it to the partner.  Then, depending on the level of the student, the adult or the student could manipulate that turn of the program.  The website itself has at least 5 levels to go through before you finish the activity.  The students get to choose the type of monster, the color, the features (horns, wings, hats, etc.), and the type of finished product (ID card, full body picture, or portrait).

The finished picture is pretty cool.  The kids are motivated and love having their very own personalized souvenir to go home with them!
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1.5" PECS pictures or Boardmaker file